Tomasz Wazny

Tomasz has 25 years of experience in dendrochronology and wood science working extensively in Europe from Portugal to Poland, but also East Asia, with work from alpine zones to the tropics. He has worked and published on a wide variety of dendro topics - from works of art through shipwrecks to climate reconstruction on the basis of historical timbers.


  • M.Sc Eng. - Wood Technology, Agriculture University of Warsaw, Poland, 1981.
  • Ph.D - Wood Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany 1990.
  • Habilitation (postdoctoral lecturing qualification) - Agriculture University of Poznan, Poland, 1999
  • Professor of Forestry and Wood Science (scientific title confered by the President of Poland), 2006>

Research interests

  • Development of long-term tree-ring chronologies
  • Dating of archaeological, architectural, and art-historical objects
  • Dendroclimatology
    • climate reconstruction from historical chronologies;
    • long-term changes in climate;
    • reconstruction of trans-regional climatic disturbances
  • Dendroecology
    • reconstruction of the forest structure and past vegetation;
  • Dendrochronology in Asia
    • history of settlements in High Asia;
    • human activity as an indicator of climate change;
    • possibilities of dendrochronological reconstruction of palaeo-monsoon variability.
  • Timber trade in Europe
  • Dendroprovenancing – estimation of wood origins
  • Dendrochronological examination of shipwrecks and boats
  • Development of dendrochronology and dendroprovenancing methods for the Mediterranean
  • Problems of protection and conservation of wooden cultural heritage